Orthodox Jewish attorney Debra Laslow is proud to be a criminal lawyer. When physician Kenneth Avedon is accused of rape, Debra believes he is innocent and accepts the case. This is not done without repercussions, for the plaintiff is an Orthodox Jewish girl, and in accepting the case, Debra is seen as turning her back on her own people.

Debra can live with the situation if she is able to prove her client's innocence. But a serial killer is loose and his victims are women lawyers who have successfully defended accused rapists. Debra finds herself on the list of a deranged vigilante.

Few authors can get readers as involved with their books as Rochelle Majer Krich can. Her characters are always believable and her storylines compelling. SPEAK NO EVIL shows the award-winning author in top form. It's a fascinating suspense tale combined with prime courtroom drama. Debra is a wonderful protagonist, both innocent and very sure of herself. Both storylines pack a wallop and the author plants a wonderful surprise ending! (Feb.,352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg