Rising star Brennan furthers her momentum with the launch of what promises to be another sensational trilogy. At the core of this novel is the age-old question of whether you really know the people around you. Everyone has secrets and,
as this book demonstrates, some can kill. Brennan's arrival on the suspense scene has been a tremendous gift.

Montana Sheriff Nick Thomas is recovering from his deadly encounter with the Bozeman Butcher serial killer. But he heads to San Diego to help his brother Steve, whose much younger ex-girlfriend, Angie Vance, is dead and, because of a restraining order Angie placed against Steve, he's the prime suspect.

Detectives Carina Kincaid and Will Hooper are dismayed by the vicious killing and, because of the ritualistic manner of death, they fear she may be only the first. When Nick offers his serial-killer expertise, they accept, knowing that Nick will pursue the killer even if it turns out to be his brother. As they dig deeper into Angie's life, a whole new dangerous Internet world is revealed. (BALLANTINE, Feb., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith