The bright and shining talent of Kathleen Elliott (aka Karen Harbaugh) gleams with added lustre in this impeccably crafted Regency romance.

William Staynes, seventh Earl of Rothwick, does not normally trouble himself with the fits and starts of his young nephew. But by no means does he intend to stand idly by while the lad makes a fool of himself over a scheming widow. Drastic measures are definitely in order.

Linnea Amberley is not unaware of the dangers of walking the streets of London alone at night, but, as a newly orphaned young lady totally dependent on her cousin's good will, she cannot refuse the old harpy's bidding to run an errand, no matter how late the hour. Her worst fears are realized when she is accosted by two drunken scoundrels, but fortunately rescue is at hand in the form of a handsome gentleman who kindly offers her a ride home.

Little does she know that she has just been abducted by the very determined Earl of Rothwick, who has mistaken her for his nephew's light o' love. And when the truth comes out, only a marriage of convenience can save her reputation. But first the Earl must free himself of his unannounced betrothal to a spoiled beauty who is not about to let him go without a fight.

Ms. Harbaugh imbues her lively tale with the flavor of authenticity so valued by Regency connoisseurs, along with a fiery spark of passion sure to win every romance reader's heart.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer