Kennedy’s latest novel is a heart-wrenching tale of a woman’s spiral into postpartum depression and her struggle to hold onto both her child and her sanity. Readers will be riveted as Sally battles the overwhelming sadness — and the coldhearted father of her child.

Sally Goodchild never expected to get married, but when she meets fellow foreign correspondent Tony Hobbs, she’s drawn into a relationship, then a marriage when she gets pregnant. Unfortunately, as her pregnancy progresses, her marriage starts falling apart, then a premature birth and postpartum depression shatter her life. When she is called back to America, Tony files papers claiming she’s an unfit mother. Now, Sally’s in for the fight of her life — both to prove she’s not crazy and to keep her son. (ATRIA , Jan., 432 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper