Silhouette Intimate Moments kicks off the month with SPECIAL REPORT (4.5), three fabulous interconnected vignettes. Midnight Seduction from Maggie Price gets the tale off the ground with a spunky airport director dealing with a new job, a tornado and a hijacked federal prison transport plane. But the real challenge is the police captain, an ex-lover who walked away years before and took her heart with him. Cover Me from Debra Cowan takes the story from the airport to the plane as the prisoner in charge demands to speak with his ex-wife. A handsome federal marshal agrees to escort the lovely bank secretary, but protection turns to passion and then panic when her husband kidnaps her. Merline Lovelace moves to the sky with Final Approach. A high-spirited pilots efforts to land the plane are aided by a sexy prisoner whose charm proves dangerous to her heart when a crash landing finds them high and dry for the night. But before they can explore their feelings he has to track down the woman who sent him to jail and clear his name. All three novellas are chock-full of richly created characters, heart-stopping action and a touch of sizzle.

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen