Image of Spectra


Image of Spectra

Elder creates a unique universe and fills it with dynamic characters, making this novel an exhilarating experience. The tension mounts to a fever pitch as the antagonists eliminate their prey one by one.

When a team of scientists travels to a distant planet looking for ore, they encounter alien life forms made of intelligent energy. They look like tiny lights and everyone exposed to them gets cognitive superpowers. The downside is, the exposure to humans kills them. Although two members are adamant the entities are invaluable to human development, the team votes to classify the mission. Then team members begin to die. Dean Weston is framed for his ex-wife’s murder and imprisoned along with Laura Simmons, who witnessed the frame. They know they must escape and prove the entities are being harvested illegally. (MUSEITUP, Jul., 366 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown