Libby McIssac seems to be good at two things: catching wedding bouquets and writing. But despite having a collection of 13 bouquets, she's still single. Libby thought that she and a recent garter-catcher named Tim might get together— until he mentioned his girlfriend!

Her professional life is also disappointing, since her new job as the speechwriter for Minister of Culture Clarice Cleary doesn't seem to involve any speechwriting! Instead, she holds Clarice's purse quite a bit, is called the wrong name, endures disastrous road trips and is subjected to constant hostility from Margo, Clarice's executive assistant.

Libby sometimes drowns her sorrows in Maker's Mark, but her life gets interesting when Tim becomes unattached, Clarice begins to take notice of her abilities and a dashing and flirtatious British consultant is hired.

Libby's adventures working for Clarice make this debut novel very enjoyable— her personal life is nowhere near as entertaining and compelling. There's many laugh-out-loud moments as Libby learns a lot about the "regular" world of politics in this fast-paced and funny novel. (Feb., 368 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust