Image of Spell Bound (Otherworld, Book 12)


Image of Spell Bound (Otherworld, Book 12)

An inadvertent wish turns into a frightening nightmare for powerful young witch Savannah Levine. Longtime fans of Armstrong’s Otherworld series will be delighted to find all the major players in this epic tale, her second about Savannah. Armstrong is about to shake Otherworld to its foundations.

Regretting her part in circumstances that deprived a child of her grandmother, Savannah mentally wishes that she could give up her powers to make it right. When an anonymous entity takes her up on that, Savannah is devastated. Best-friend/half-demon Adam knows that a thought is not binding, so he and Savannah try to figure out what happened. A new group that believes in the supremacy of the supernatural and subscribes to a mysterious prophecy, thinks Savannah will be a key player. Finding a way to combat this group will reunite Elena, Clay, Paige, Lucas, Jamie, Hope, Jeremy and others. Can they stop this evil? (DUTTON, Aug., 400 pp., $25.95) 

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith