Image of Spell Games (Marla Mason, Book 4)


Image of Spell Games (Marla Mason, Book 4)

The latest Marla Mason tale has all the series hallmarks: fast-paced action, whimsically horrifying magicians and
a kick-butt heroine. Marla's conflicting motivations continue to be a standout; few writers in this genre handle ethical gray areas as deftly as Pratt does.

Felport's chief sorcerer, Marla Mason, generally considers it part of her duty to her city to protect it from grifters and con men. But when the con man is her long-estranged brother Jason, she's willing to overlook the con in favor of rebuilding a relationship -- especially since he's already pulled her right-hand man, Rondeau, into his scheme.

Unfortunately for Marla, things go south with a vengeance, and she must scramble to retain her balance in a world that's gone topsy-turvy. Things won't ever be quite the same again in Felport, and Marla is definitely not happy about it. (BANTAM SPECTRA, Mar., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs