More than a thousand years ago, Druid sorcerer Cian MacKeltar was betrayed by a friend and imprisoned in the Dark Glass Mirror of the Unseelie Hallows. His continued imprisonment ensures the immortality of evil sorcerer Lucan Trevayne. But fate throws Cian a chance at revenge. The mirror is stolen from Lucan and shipped to a Chicago university, where archaeology student Jessi St. James unpacks it.

Jessi thinks she's losing it when she thinks she sees a figure in the mirror. But when confronted by an all-too-real assassin, she follows the mirror's verbal instructions and speaks the summoning spell. Suddenly, mighty warrior Cian is temporarily freed from his prison and dispatches the assassin. But Cian's reprieve from the mirror is only for hours at a time, so he must depend on Jessi for assistance. With her life on the line, Jessi rises to the occasion, but soon love for Cian is her primary motivator. The answers may lie in Scotland and the historic family land--those other time-traveling MacKeltar men are soon to discover that they are not alone.

Clear your calendar, because you are going to want plenty of time to savor Moning's newest tale of dark magic and sizzling romance. Nonstop action and mesmerizing passion make this novel one of her best. (Sep., 304 pp., $18.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith