The year is 1330, a time of knights, ladies and magic. The gentle Lady Marial is contracted to marry Lord Jarrod. However, an accident left her face severely scarred, and Marial relies on a magic fragrance to hide the blemish from him. Jarrod needs a wife and wants children, and he will be satisfied if she can produce heirs. But he is not used to a gentle woman and seeks to arouse her desire.

Among the seemingly friendly faces that Marial finds at Jarrod's estate, enemies lurk to destroy her and Jarrod's growing relationship. With a touch of the paranormal, the otherwordly voice that had comforted her during her accident, returns. Marial will need it to guide her through unforeseen danger.

SPELLBINDER is a wonderful, truly romantic medieval tale, with historical detail well integrated into the narrative. Fans of Lynn Kurland should find this a very agreeable read and the characters a delight. VERY SENSUAL (Feb., 350 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley