Finally free from a lifetime of imprisonment, Tierra, possessing a magic that binds others to her and the feistiness of a warrior's courage, swears she'll never be owned by anyone else. But Renn has enthralled her: He fills her soul with excitement, his mind challenges her own, and he pleasures her in unimaginable ways.

Renn has never been bound by any woman, preferring to experience the pleasures of many. But he can't get enough of Tierra—she has his heart and soul spellbound. He cannot get enough of her and is determined to possess her completely.

Cheyenne McCray has outdone her-self in this marvelous erotic fantasy about two deeply sensual, charming characters. With a sense of humor, the author delivers page after page of erotic play, drawing the reader completely into the fantasy. (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel