After her parents divorced, Mollie and her mother Emma returned to the U.S. Upon Emmas remarriage, they settle in California, whereas her brother Danny stays with his father on an island in Ireland.

Now years later, Danny and his wife Kerry have both died. Kerrys brother, playwright Sean OMalley, has temporarily moved in to take care of his nieces, Marni and Caili, and nephew Luke. However, guardianship of the children was given to Emma. Before this tragedy, Mollie had arranged to spend a year teaching on the island, in an attempt to get to know the rest of her family. Sadly, only the children and her father remain.

Emma is filled with guilt over the loss of her son Danny, and is determined to do right by his children. Sean too, loves and cares for the kids and is determined to keep them in Ireland. It may be up to Mollie to find a way to bridge the gap between grieving families and in turn, find her own place in the world.

The power of love, both the romantic and family variety, is brilliantly on display in this touching and powerful book. As always, you can count on Jeanette Baker to lift up your spirits with her marvelous stories. (Apr., 360 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith