For Zayne, Minstrel of Kaf, music is more than just a pleasurable pastime, it is a way of life. Charged with maintaining the magical harmony of the land of the djinn, Zayne's enchanted song is responsible for the welfare of his people. When his soothing tune becomes one of discord, he turns to the ritual of divination and discovers that the future of his music lies with a beautiful stranger.

Madeline Fairbanks grew up surrounded by music and with an innate talent for dance. When her cruel stepfather took from her the two things she most loved— her mother and the ability to perform without stage fright— Madeline turned her back on that world. Until the day a man claiming to be a djinni stepped into her life, speaking of destiny and tempting her with his song.

Once again, Kathleen Nance returns to the delightfully sensual world of Kaf in this wonderful addition to her djinn series. Zayne is a charmingly stubborn alpha hero who finds a heroine worthy of his heart of gold. Nance mixes the sights and sounds of contemporary New Orleans with a dash of the paranormal to create a magically potent romance. (Jun., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gina Bernal