Image of Spellbound


Image of Spellbound

Spellbound contains two previously released stories and a third, new short story combined to form a novel set in a world of warlocks and their submissive familiars. Fans of Day’s paranormal novels and the Crossfire series will love Spellbound. Day’s latest has a BDSM storyline with a paranormal twist that can easily be read in one sitting. Between the exciting plot and the hot sex scenes throughout, Spellbound leaves readers wanting more!

Victoria St. John, powerful businesswoman and former warlock’s familiar gone “feral,” is taken by surprise when the Council sends Max Weston, a Hunter, to tame her in preparation for becoming a warlock’s familiar once again. Still devastated by the loss of her former lover and warlock, Darius, Victoria intends to put up a fight unlike any Max Weston has ever dealt with. Despite her loyalty to Darius, Victoria feels drawn to Max and desperately wills herself not to submit to another. (WILLIAM MORROW, Dec., 192 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Mandy Boles