This American Title II finalist tells an exciting tale in which treachery and intrigue abound. In this time of witches, mercenaries and political agendas, Meyers has created great characters and set them into motion in a fantastic plot.

Sorcha MacIver is a witch. She doesn't think so, but her two husbands, dead before making her a true bride, might argue with her if they could. So might her family if they were alive as well. She has a fortnight to find a live husband -- and she cannot be a virgin bride -- or she'll be burned as a witch.

How fortuitous for Sorcha that her uncle finds a mercenary who needs money to pay his back taxes. But Sorcha doesn't realize that her uncle and Ian Hunter have struck a bargain for a wedding -- a wedding that some want to cancel permanently. Sorcha and Ian are unwillingly attracted to each other and find themselves in increasing danger until Sorcha discovers unexpected connections and Ian renews one he thought lost. (Triskelion, May, 294 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown