Image of Spellbound Falls (A Spellbound Falls Romance)


Image of Spellbound Falls (A Spellbound Falls Romance)

Readers are in for a special treat, as Chapman finally delivers a story featuring the intriguing and mysterious Maximilian Oceanus. Relationships between parents and children are explored with humor and the patented Chapman tenderness. When combining magic, passion and warmth, no one does it better than Chapman!

Widowed Olivia Baldwin has her hands full raising her daughter Sophie and helping run the Inglenook family camp in Spellbound Falls with her in-laws. After learning he is a father and rescuing his young son Henry, Mac Oceanus took his friends’ advice and signed up for Inglenook camp in hopes of getting parenting advice. Mac is a theurgist, someone who performs miracles with supernatural assistance, and has been given one year to find a wife by his father, Titus, the legendary founder of Atlantis. Mac and Henry’s introduction to Olivia is unusual as they rescue her from a too persistent suitor. Olivia is charmed by young Henry and finds his father both attractive and mysterious, for odd things seem to happen whenever Mac is around. Olivia has protected her heart well, but does she dare take a chance on passion with this amazing man? (JOVE, Mar., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith