Image of Spells & Sleeping Bags (Magic In Manhattan)


Image of Spells & Sleeping Bags (Magic In Manhattan)

Fans of this trilogy will be pleased with this final offering. Rachel has the same strong, funny voice and penchant for silly situations. A bit longer than it needs to be, the story picks up again two-thirds of the way through.

Now that Rachel is a witch just like her little sister and mom, she wants to use her new power. She and Miri head to summer camp. With new friends and Raf to crush on, what could go wrong? Liana, a new girl at camp, always seems to be scheming. Can she be trusted? And why won't Raf just kiss Rachel already? (Delacorte, Jun., 324 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780385733878, 12 and Up, HC)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris