Image of Spells Cast in Shadows


Image of Spells Cast in Shadows

This fantasy definitely offers something different. A centaur spelled into becoming mortal, a ranch owner with psychic abilities and several villains, including a black elf, add interest and enjoyment. Even readers who like their fantasies more realistic will enjoy the emotional content -- and the eroticism is hot
and heavy.

Seth, a centaur and heir to the House of Phoenix in the Sapphiria world, has long admired the mortal realm. Even though trips to the other side are a no-no, he visits anyway. One trip results in his saving a human child's life, the next in the death of his best friend.

Banished to the mortal world to be human, Seth is reunited with Montana, the child he saved, who has grown into a beautiful and sexy woman. Her disbelief that he is her pony-man of years before is dispelled when their attraction grows. After they make love, Seth is changed again into a centaur. As they work to break the Black Elf's spell and battle a man intent on harming Montana, they discover that love is the key. (Siren, Mar., 306 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith