January is L. E. Modesitt month, beginning with the paperback reprint of THE SPELLSONG WAR (4.5). Return to the alternate reality of the planet Erde as Anna, a soprano snatched from Earth and now regent for the young heir of the ruling house, is forced to take drastic measures to bring the rebellious lords of Defalk back into line. But the price of sorcery grows higher with each mind-boggling feat, and Anna must learn to use her powers in new and imaginative ways. Even as she prepares the final assault on Lord Ehara of Dumar to prevent an invasion by the dreaded Sea-Priests of Sturinn, Anna wonders if she will always have to use force to protect her young charge. Mr. Modesitt captivates us with his strong and graceful heroine who never loses sight of what really counts.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer