Image of Spellweaver (A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms)


Image of Spellweaver (A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms)

The second book in Kurland’s offshoot Nine Kingdoms series explores the complicated and dangerous backgrounds of both of her engaging protagonists. Kurland weaves together intricate layers of plot threads, giving this novel a rich and lyrical style. Not only does mystery and danger abound, but also the burgeoning of a love and trust that is wonderful to behold. Kurland is an elegant spinner of tales!

Realizing he can no longer hide from his past or his father’s actions, Ruithneadh of Ceangail, the youngest son of the dark mage Gair, sets out to locate his father’s missing spells. By his side is Sarah of Doire, the daughter of a witch who has no magic of her own, but who possesses the ability to see spells. As Ruith and Sarah hunt for the dangerous spells, they fall under attack by various factions, all of whom are bent on gaining the power for themselves. For both Ruith and Sarah, this trip will begin to unlock mysteries regarding their pasts, mysteries which may lead to terrifying danger in the future. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jan., 390 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith