The concept sounds highly intriguing — if you’re unfamiliar with much sci-fi, that is. Many of the plot points appear to be borrowed from the Stargate universe, and it’s enough to draw the reader out of the story looking for additional references. The plot itself is confusing, although once you figure out the complicated social structure, the intrigue keeps the story moving. Sexual tension between Michael and Stormy is well done.

Stormy is working at a quasi-military genetics research center when she’s abducted by Sphinx Warrior Michael, who begins a process that nearly takes her life, forcing him to join his life force to hers to save her. She’s apparently the woman he’s been looking for, with the ability to transfer power to this ancient race of people to help them combat aliens who want to take over the Earth. However, there may be more working against them than the enemy they know. (EREDSAGE.COM, dl $4.25)
Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo