Image of The Spider (Elemental Assassin)


Image of The Spider (Elemental Assassin)

The 10th Elemental Assassin novel is actually a prequel: The ever excellent Estep takes readers back in time to a significant assignment that helped mold Gin Blanco into the deadly assassin known as the Spider. This origin story is tough and compelling, dramatically showcasing the consequences of the choices Gin makes. As a special bonus, readers get to see Gin’s first meetings with various characters who now play a significant role in her life. By virtue of her enormous skill, Estep keeps this amazing series fresh and unputdownable!

A delivery of black roses to the Pork Pit takes Gin down a dark version of memory lane as she recounts to her lover Owen Grayson the significance of the flowers. A decade before, when Gin was just learning her assassin’s craft from her mentor Fletcher Lane, what should have been a simple assassination job went horribly wrong. Now Gin must face the consequences of her actions, and it may get them all killed. (POCKET, Jan., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith