Business has been slow for private detective Tess Monaghan, so she's grateful when her uncle sends over a client with an urgent problem. Mark Rubin is a wealthy Orthodox Jew, whose wife and children have gone missing. But the police refuse to help, as evidence suggests his wife took the children away. Tess agrees to find out where they have gone and what has happened.

Little does Tess realize that on top of finding three very scared children, she will have to work around religious beliefs that she has no experience with. What no one realizes is that these children are in danger and time is essential.

Lippman's latest is the strongest book in her series to date. Every strand falls together, for a wonderfully exciting book. The characterization is Grade A, allowing readers to truly understand all the participants' motivations and fears. The ending works extremely well. (Sep., 354 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer