Captain Chilly Winthrop, a member of the Free Federation, is fighting the Coplons. She lives underground, along with other federation members. Most of their women produce children for the army as well as their survival as a people.

When Chilly is sent to the Coplon camp to pose as a prostitute, she feels no one will believe she is either sensual or beautiful enough. Her confidence has been destroyed with her divorce and a secret she holds. Her job is to find a captured soldier and either help him escape or kill him.

At the camp, Chilly meets Foster Mallory, deep in long-term undercover. She will pretend to be his prostitute. Foster knew her in the past and has always desired her. While with him, Chilly is able to discover the sensual woman she always was and find her true nature.

A sexy adventure and an endearing heroine make this an enjoyable read. (dl $4.25)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor