Image of Spies and Prejudice


Image of Spies and Prejudice

This nod to classic Jane Austen blends beautifully with the teen spy novels so popular today. Berry is a lovely narrator, with an authentic voice. Her friends are multidimensional, and although there are plot points that could use fleshing out, the rich characterization makes this novel well worth your time.

Berry Fields has been helping her dad with his P.I. business ever since her mother died when she was 8. She’s also sworn off dating. Yet when Tanner Halston appears, her stomach starts doing back flips for the arrogant, good-looking jerk. To escape, Berry seeks solitude in the library, where she finds fellow loner Drew. Is Drew’s sudden interest in Berry genuine? And why are the Halstons so keen on helping Berry with her biggest case ever — her mother’s death? (EGMONT, Jun., $17.99, 304 pp., ISBN: 9781606842607, HC, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller