This adventurous anthology offers stories for those with risque fantasies. The tales are well written, and the love the couples have for each other is evident. Acting out fantasies enhances these marriages and the couples' lives.

A rainy weekend, a few drinks and outrageous game of spin the bottle turn into fantasy land for three couples. "In Master of the House," Paul takes total control of his sex life from his high-powered executive wife, Rena. Paul pushes Rena to her limits, but will he push her further than she's willing to go?

Rod and Jackie were married fresh out of college and divorced soon after. In "Your Place or Mine," they're remarried, and Rod's fantasy of making love to a stranger comes true when Jackie plays that part. But Jackie's insecurities could derail this game.

"Doctor Doctor" takes Ed and Charmaine on the journey of their marriage when Ed inherits his great-uncle's home and medical clinic - where playing doctor takes on a whole new meaning. (HEAT, Oct., 280 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager