Image of Spindrift


Image of Spindrift

This totally entertaining book has everything that makes a story memorable: well-developed characters, an original plot, good pacing and realistic dialogue. As it shifts focus from one viewpoint to another, each character gives conflicting interpretations of events, which creates an intriguing puzzle. Readers will be thrilled to revisit the complex universe introduced in Steele's Coyote trilogy. The technology and scientific concepts are well integrated into this top-notch look
at what the future of space travel may have in store for mankind.

On June 1, 2288, 56 years ago, Theodore Harker, Emily Collins and Jared Ramirez were among those who departed Earth on the first starship Galileo -- and were never seen again.

Now they have returned on Galileo's shuttle, the Maria Celeste. The only survivors, they have not aged a day. Even more disturbing, they have made contact with extraterrestrial beings and witnessed the most apocalyptic force in the galaxy. (ACE, Apr., 368 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski