Thanks to scores of popular TV shows and movies, most readers are already well acquainted with the idea that in space “wormholes” can be used for inter-dimensional travel. This is the basis of the plot of Spinder's novella, “The Spiral Path”. However, the author adds an unexpected twist to her different dimensions, which will excite science fiction fans. The story is light on the romance and heavy on the action, so readers looking for a trip through deep space will be pleased, while those wanting emphasis on a love story may be left disappointed.

Eleven years ago the Star Union began using Captain Lara Soto's people, the Chimerans, as tools in intergalactic conflicts. When Lara's boyfriend, Terran Commodore Mitch Yoshida, did not have a problem with this, Lara left him. She has been on her own for the past decade, working to help her fellow Chimerans relocate.

Mitch knows that he made a big mistake when he let Lara go. He has realized that she is right about the Star Union's abuse of her people, and he longs for a reunion. But when he learns that his best friend Rafe, Lara's brother, is missing, Mitch will use whatever resources are available to find him. To that end, Mitch arrests Lara and conscripts her ship, even though it is not in the best interest of their relationship. Time is running out but will this joint mission be able to re-kindle their love, or will their attempt to fly through a destructing wormhole be the end of everything? (CARINA PRESS, April 2011, dl. $3.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne