Image of Spirit Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)


Image of Spirit Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)

The mystical spot known as Sea Haven again plays host to a spellbinding tale of danger, intrigue and passion. The second book in Feehan’s Sea Haven series sets another of the dangerous and enigmatic Prakenskii brothers on a collision course with one of Sea Haven’s Sisters of the Heart. Intense emotion, elemental magic and the bonds of love all add up to another fabulous offering by this unparalleled master of paranormal romance!

Stefan Prakenskii’s assignment is to find out where criminal mastermind Jean-Claude La Roux has hidden a chip holding Russian government secrets. Stefan has been ordered to Sea Haven to insert himself into the life of artist Judith Henderson, who is the focus of Jean-Claude’s unrelenting obsession. Judith blames herself for her brother’s torture and murder at the hands of Jean-Claude when her brother tried to rescue her. Hidden away with her “sisters,” who all possess elemental magic, Judith tries to heal her soul. Stefan quickly suspects his assignment is actually an attempt to eliminate him, but all that becomes secondary when he finally meets this haunting and ethereal woman. (JOVE, Jan., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith