This sixth book in Murphy’s consistently entertaining Walker Papers series is about transformation and change. Joanne is smart and tenacious, and she’s learning to think — at least a little bit — before she jumps. Sadly missing from this volume is Gary, Joanne’s paternal cab driver friend. Ending on a bit of a cliffhanger, this one isn’t to be missed!

After a tumultuous 15 months, Joanne Walker thinks she’s finally gotten the hang of being a shaman. She’s survived encounters that would have felled lesser women (zombies, wendigos, and serial killers — oh my!), but she’s about to undertake something utterly terrifying: a date with her precinct captain and boss, Michael Morrison. Attending a Native American dance performance, Joanne is shocked to find herself turning into a coyote partially through the first act. Then one of the dancers drops dead onstage. This leads Joanne into the underground of Seattle, where homeless citizens have been disappearing and a creature that can’t possibly exist seems to be lurking. (LUNA, Apr., 368 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs