An impressive, suspenseful mystery combined with a strong romance. I would have liked to see more secondary character involvement, as the story does drag a bit in places. Overall, though, this book was well worth the time it took to read.

After Cole Wescott discovers a letter from Mike, his murdered brother, Cole the enigmatic salvage diver must head back to his hometown where his brother burried proof of his murderer's identity. But Cole didn't expect to make the trek on the run from hit men!

Once home, Cole faces Laurel, the girl he left behind. Although Laurel now works rehabilitating wild animals, she can't help but be tempted to leave the hit man's bullet in Cole's leg. But the pair's old love is still alive, and ultimately Laurel joins Cole on the hunt to trap his brother's murderer.

Can this mismatched couple find the love they thought they'd lost before proving Mike's killer gets Cole and Laurel killed as well?

(July, 228 pp., dl $4.00, dk $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley