Although there is never any doubt that Ash and Georgina will find happiness or that Devlin will find peace, this charming tale will entertain you for a solid evening despite its predictable plot.

Georgina Witherspoon enthusiastically travels from New York to the New Mexico Territory to help care for her elderly grandmother, Maybelle. However, Georgina's arrival in town is punctuated by a bank robbery, which must be stopped by Sheriff Ash Barrett while he's escorting Georgina to Maybelle's ranch.

Ash is wary of women, after his wife's betrayal, especially beautiful women like Georgina. But meeting her stirs feelings in him he thought were long buried.

While her Aunt Venice is wonderful, teaching her what she needs to know to survive in the harsh territory, Georgina discovers that Maybelle is a sour old woman. It seems that Maybelle has been seeing ghosts; one in particular, Devlin O'Rourke. Aunt Venice has lots of advice, but does not know how to handle the ghost of Devlin O'Rourke.

Finally, Devlin appears to Georgina and explains that he cannot cross over until Maybelle forgives him for never telling her he loved her. He continues to haunt the family until she believes him.

Complicating the budding romance between Ash and Georgina is the arrival of Georgina's fiance and her grandmother's words of warning: never trust a man who wont say 'I love you.' Heeding her grandmother, more ghostly intervention is required to bring Ash and Georgina together.

(Oct., 276 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner