Image of Spirit Sanguine


Image of Spirit Sanguine

This m/m vampire erotic romance takes on a new form as a series of novellas, each featuring a facet of the relationship between a slayer and the vampire he didn’t want to kill. Several vampire tropes are present here, from the inherited slayer powers to the idea of a vampire hierarchy. The format is an interesting one, but it leaves the story arc feeling disconnected, and the ultimate romance between Gabe and Harvey disjointed. These two are more of a treat when they’re fighting the bad guys than when they’re heating up the sheets.

Gabe has just returned to his hometown of Chicago after years training as a vampire slayer with his uncle in Hungary. The last thing he expects is to meet a vegetarian vampire and end up in bed with him, but that’s exactly what he does — as well as find employment with the de facto vampire ruler of Chicago. Gabe and his new vampire boyfriend, Harvey, end up having just as much fun role-playing as they do working for the vampire mob. (SAMHAIN, Apr., 272 pp. $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo