Image of The Spirit of the Wolf (Berkley Sensation)


Image of The Spirit of the Wolf (Berkley Sensation)
Legend tells of how the creator banished Grey Coyote's people to a land of shadow. Once in a generation, a warrior is chosen to break the curse. As the chosen one, he must solve the great riddle, or his people will be forced into a half existence for another 20 years.

Convinced that the answer to the puzzle means he must take what belongs to his enemy, French guide Jacques LaCroix, Grey Coyote draws the scout into a game of chance and wins LaCroix's possessions, including Marietta Welsford, who hired LaCroix to take her to St. Louis after the princess she served married. Instead, she is "sold" to a warrior.

Grey Coyote's mission takes precedent over his every action -- except falling in love with Marietta. He vows to bring her to safety, until he realizes that she might hold the key to his people's freedom. Bound together by passion and Grey Coyote's mission, they face the dangers of the wilderness and fight to save his people.

Kay blends legend and fact into a beautiful love story. Delving into Native American customs and mores with sensitivity, compassion and a true understanding of the people, she enhances a magical, passionate plot with historical detail and just a touch of magic. SENSUAL (Apr., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin