Twenty years ago, historian Charlotte Allen arrived on the Arapaho-Shoshone reservation to learn if the rumors were true, that Sacajawea did not die in 1812 but lived to be nearly 100 before she died and was buried on the reservation.

Charlotte was making strides in her research when she vanished. Historian Laura Simmons agrees to continue the research, as it also gives her a chance to see her friend, attorney Vicky Holden, who lives on the Reservation.

Within days of Lauras arrival, Charlotte Allens body is discovered, and shortly after this, Laura disappears. Knowing that the two events are related, Vicky, with help from her good friend Father John OMalley, sets out to discover the truth about the murder, the disappearance, and Sacajawea.

Interweaving the legend of Sacajawea with a suspenseful story makes for a fascinating read. As usual, the interplay between Father John and Vicky is bound to hold your attention. (Aug., 304 pp., $6.50—Hardcover published September 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg