Vanessa Grayson has an uncanny ability to converse with the spirit world, and she uses it to support herself and her younger sister in their family home. When she is asked to find the spirits in the home of Ellery Lawford, the Earl of Trent, she is unprepared for the turmoil this decision will bring to her life.

A missing brother of the Earl, her sister's secret pregnancy, restless spirits and a suspicion of treason all add to the confusion in her heart when Vanessa agrees to accept the job. As a prime suspect in the reintroduction of the dreadful Hell Fire Club, she seems an unlikely ally, but the Earl of Trent finds himself depending on her help, and then finds himself dependent on her love, in spite of his suspicions.

Alana Clayton is fast becoming one of the authors whose works I eagerly search the racks to find. (Jul., 255 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck