Once more Casey Claybourne combines a sensual love story with a haunting presence, humor and marvelous characters. You'll delight in Nell's lessons and Sabrina's brothers' antics. What a charmer!

To seduce the rakish Viscount Colbridge and hold on to her home, Sabrina Simmons needs a miracle. What she gets is the ghost of the celebrated madame, Nell deNuit, to teach her how to flirt and lure the Viscount into bed.

Shy Sabrina has never had a season, and considers herself too well educated to appeal to a man like Colbridge. But this is Nell's last chance to get to Heaven and she is determined to do her best for Sabrina and her young brothers.

Nell schools Sabrina in the art of seduction, teaching her to appear vapid and charming, to use her body as bait, unaware that Colbridge wants more.

Already betrothed to a sweet but silly chit, Richard Kerry, Viscount Colridge, is intrigued by the intelligent young woman he met after she was thrown from her horse. He's intent upon finding her inside the flirtatious Sabrina.

He agrees to make her his mistress and then tries to deter her by taking her to houses of ill repute, to his ex-mistress's home and to "watch" a couple on display. Nothing sways Sabrina, except Richard's love and the fact that Nell will sacrifice her last chance to help her.

(May, 394 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin