Image of Spirits From Beyond (A Ghost Finders Novel)


Image of Spirits From Beyond (A Ghost Finders Novel)

Spirits from Beyond feels like two different books stuck together. The first third consists of a ghost-hunting trio conducting a personal investigation, but the rest sees them working an unrelated job in a completely different location, the previous activities apparently forgotten. The meat of the story takes place in the second section, so the first seems superfluous. Compounding that issue is far too much snarky dialogue, with some scenes consisting of little more than jokey banter. Overall the characters are rather annoying, and the story is forgettable.

Ghost hunters JC, Melody and Happy (plus JC’s ghost girlfriend, Kim) start out investigating why JC was brought back from the dead in an earlier adventure. But after visiting London Undertowen (“Underground”) and the secret library of the institute where they work, their employers put the kibosh on the plans and send them to a country inn to investigate the hauntings there instead. (ACE, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hanson