Half-Indian bounty hunter Jesse Yellow Thunder is ready to put away his guns and return to his peaceful Cheyenne village when a $10,000 bounty falls into his lap.

Kaylynn Summers flees her abusive husband, only to be captured by the Indians and made a slave. She feels safer as a slave than as a wife, until Jesse arrives at the village. He frightens her with his scarred face and cold hard eyes, yet there is something about him that attracts her.

Jesse knows Kaylynn is trouble the minute he sees her. The little red fox escapes him twice. He is determined to return her to her husband and collect his bounty until he learns about the husbands abuse. He then agrees to deliver her to her parents.

But Jesse really wants her for himself. He is a man of violence, while she is a New York debutante. He has no roots; she has a husband. There seems to be no future for them, until the strength of their love builds one.

Madeline Baker consistently delivers winning, heart-wrenching. passionate romances and SPIRITS SONG is no exception. This is the story of the hunter and the hunted, of two lost souls brought together by destiny, forged forever by love. SENSUAL (Mar., 383 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer