Alexander Ridgeley, Duke of Ashbourne, is surprised to discover that a violet-eyed young miss, disguised as a maid, is none other than Emma Dunster, niece of the Earl and Countess of Worth.

Alexander finds he enjoys the company of this intelligent, hoydenish and outspoken colonial.

Known throughout the ton as a man who cherishes his bachelorhood, Alexander has no desire to get married, but then neither does Emma-especially not to this complex, devilishly handsome man. But no matter how they try to deny it, their attraction remains strong. When a misunderstanding threatens their relationship, Emma is devastated, and it is only through love and trust that they can renew their true feelings.

For those readers who enjoy a lighthearted romance, SPLENDID is their cup of tea. Though the plot is not complex, Ms. Quinn delivers a fast-paced romance with a delicious flair for humor. SENSUAL (May, 396 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond