Desperately seeking to escape the horrific visions that invade her slumber, Cassandra flees the castle through a hidden tunnel only to plunge straight into the arms of seduction. She is shocked to learn that her erotic dreams and fantasy lover are real.

As ruler of the Kingdom of Breslovia, a picturesque, peace-loving country nestled in the foothills of the Alps, Cassandra has relinquished her power to the Grand Duke Albert and his ambitious brother, Cardinal Sinzen.

Maximilian Hawke has been summoned to the castle to establish and train Breslovia's army. He is tempted to refuse Albert's offer until he learns Cassandra is the beautiful goddess he made love to in the night.

Max vows to keep his distance until he realizes that Cassandra is in danger from an uprising. In an isolated area they are finally given a chance to vent their passions without the world intruding on their paradise. However, their interlude in interrupted by the arrival of French soldiers.

Suddenly Breslovia is embroiled in the war between France and Prussia, caught in Albert's treacherous games. Strong, graphic visions draw Cassandra to the castle and, as chaos reigns, Max and she must find a way to restore peace.

Christine Dorsey infuses freshness into everything she writes as her latest, captivating offering proves. SPLENDOR is enchanting, a feast for the senses from beginning to end. SENSUAL (Feb., 422 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor