Criminal profiler Maggie O Dell is caught up almost to the point of obsession with the Albert Stucky case. Maggie had helped capture the notorious serial killer but not before receiving a life threatening wound from him. Now that he s escaped, the thought of him fills her every waking moment.

Stucky has started killing again and his circle of victims brings him ever closer to Maggie. The Bureau realizes that Maggies expertise is needed and shes back on the case. As Stucky gets closer to her, she in turn stalks him, and her obsession may make her just as formidable and dangerous as he.

SPLIT SECOND is a harrowing tale that slowly builds in tension until its horrifying climax. Ms. Kava paints a frightening scenariothis story is guaranteed to generate nightmares. (Aug., 408 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg