Image of Split Second (An FBI Thriller)


Image of Split Second (An FBI Thriller)

When it comes to serial killers, the name Ted Bundy produces well-deserved chills. Leave it to suspense master Coulter to find a fresh way to invoke his evil presence. As she has in previous novels, Coulter adds an intriguing touch of the paranormal to her detective thriller. Multiple storylines are woven together for plenty of chills and thrills.

When the FBI finds the Black Beret killer’s DNA, everyone is stunned. Not only is the killer a female, but she’s related to Ted Bundy. Now Sherlock, Savich and special agents Lucy Carlisle and Cooper McKnight are looking for Bundy’s biological daughter. Lucy’s attention becomes split when her father dies suddenly, implying with his last words that his mother killed his father. Lucy’s hunt for the truth takes her in mysterious directions when she finds a body in her grandmother’s attic and comes into possession of a ring supposedly imbued with an amazing power. (PUTNAM, Jul., 432 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith