Image of Split Second (Pivot Point)


Image of Split Second (Pivot Point)

West has delivered a satisfying and thrilling sequel to Pivot Point. Addie and Laila both narrate this book, and their voices are distinct, witty and all-around enjoyable. Laila’s side of the story, in particular, is engaging and surprisingly emotional. And while some transitions could’ve been smoother, the plot unrolls at a fairly even and action-packed pace that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. West writes with ease and pulls the right punches at the right moments, making for a delightful read.

Still reeling from her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal, and dealing with the sinking feeling that something’s not quite right, Addie decides to spend winter break with her dad in the Norm world to get away from her community of people with special powers. But when she meets Trevor, an incredibly handsome and seemingly familiar stranger, Addie soon finds her world turning upside down as secrets, forgotten experiences and danger come to light. Meanwhile, her best friend, Laila, is on a mission to restore the memories Addie had her erase. Will she succeed before it’s too late? (HARPERTEEN, Feb., 368 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780062117380, HC, 13 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
DJ DeSmyter