Image of Splitting Harriet


Image of Splitting Harriet

In this funny, feel-good book, gifted author Leigh weaves in good lessons among the humorous parts: that you can change your life to live the life God has planned for you, and that it's OK to have fun without developing bad habits.

Harriet Bisset's worst habit is an addiction to gourmet jelly beans. This wasn't always the case -- she used to be pretty wild -- until she changed her life around seven years ago. Now she has a part-time job at the church where her father had been preacher, a rent-free home at the senior mobile-home park and she's saving up to buy the cafe where she waitresses.

Everything is great until she meets Maddox McCray, the consultant the church board has brought on to liven up the dying church. It seems that Harriet has one other weakness she tries very hard to keep hidden: She adores motorcycles, and Maddox just happens to have one. He may be reformed, but he believes you can still have fun. It's a lesson Harriet has to learn, and he's just the person to teach her. (Multnomah, Nov., 400 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans