Nobody combines eccentric characters laced with offbeat humor and a masterful touch of suspense better than Rick Hanson. Don't miss out on this wacky and wonderful reading experience.

Struggling sculptor Adam McCleet figures he has finally gotten a break when he is listed as one of the heirs of millionaire salmon king, Graden Porcelli. Having never met the man, Adam is confused as to why he should be so privileged. Adam discovers that he will split the pot with six other heirs, if he can uncover the identity of an un-named murderer.

Pertinent details of the murder are not forthcoming, so Adams task looks to be a tough one. Did the alleged murder happen 40 years ago or last week? Unfortunately there are no unaccounted for bodies lying around. That changes when Adam witnesses the murder of one of the other heirs.

The Porcelli heirs are an eccentric bunch: a widow who collects everything, a son with Tourette's Syndrome, a former 60s radical niece, a crotchety old sailor, and a former Navy SEAL with a sheep-obsessed wife. Then theres a second attempt on an heirs life. Money is the most likely motive, but with all the weird Porcelli family secrets, who can be sure?

(Dec., 240 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith