This sexy, fun anthology will make you wish you were a college student visiting New Orleans, especially one of these protagonists, who have hot men chasing after them, desperate to please. While the stories are fun and flirty, some belie believability, even for an erotica anthology, where readers are more often than not willing to go with the flow to get to the sexytimes. Look for Fawkes and Hawkeye's stories as particular standouts, with heroes who sizzle.

Kent's "Share Me" has Emma trying to get over being dumped by her fiancé. He says she was too uptight — well, Emma's just met two hot guys who are going to help her prove her ex very, very wrong. 

In Fawkes's "Shake Me" Cassidy runs off to New Orleans during Mardi Gras with her long sworn enemy Travis to track down her cheating boyfriend. Will hottie Travis, who has been pining for Cassidy for years, finally make a move — or will Cassidy?

Fox's "Show Me" has Eva embracing spring break in New Orleans, ready to lose her virginity. Only the gawky geek can't see to make it happen. So she asks her longtime crush — and brother's best friend — for help. How far will he go to please her?

Callie is ready to jump her hot best friend in Hawkeye's "Shock Me." Only she ends up with his bad boy brother by mistake — though is that the worst thing in the world?

(AVON RED IMPULSE, Mar., 300 pp., $1.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno