Talyn, captain of the castle guard of Nordan, is assigned to protect Raven, an Aviat. Hunted for her wings, Raven was captured by one of Nordan's enemies, Cyrus. Though Cyrus is now dead, Raven keeps her identity a secret, as her race is nearly extinct. Talyn finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. She raises in him a carnal hunger like he's never known. As Talyn and Raven get closer, they realize they fight some of the same demons.

Bast writes an intriguing tale of mystery, love and passion. One issue plaguing Talyn is possessiveness. He lives in a sexually free culture, where sharing mates is acceptable. However, it doesn't take him long to realize he does not want to share Raven, nor does he want any other women. As Raven and Talyn continue to learn about each other, they find their futures are bound. Spring Preasures: The Transformation offers readers a remarkable surprise, making it nearly impossible to put this book down. (dl $5.20)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor