Leigh Spenser and Ted Wharton were friends in high school, but it was always Clay Wharton who took Leighs breath away. The first time he kissed her, she could no longer hide her true feelings.

Eventually, Clay left town, leaving Leigh feeling hurt and abandonedand pregnant. Now 10 years later, Leigh is a single parent residing in a suite over the garage of Julia Whartons home. Still friends with Ted, who is now gravely ill, she and her son, Billy, visit him daily, knowing it wont be long before he dies. Clay returns home to be with Ted and finds himself not only struggling with his brothers impending death but also the sudden knowledge that he is a father.

This is a realistically portrayed story of love and forgiveness, filled with emotion and grace. The author points the way for Christians with gay family members or friends to be an extension of Gods love and compassion. A compelling read. (May, 350 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston